Thursday, 9 July 2009


We recently had this leaflet through the door from our local supermarket...a £10 voucher to try and entice us back. Well, attractive as those crowded shopping aisles and BOGOF offers are, I think we’ll have to pass on that one. Our new food experiences have extended our notions of shopping way off the Tesco/Sainsburys/Asda treadmill. We have had six months now of not going to any of the big supermarkets (though we do still patronize local corner shops) and it certainly is not an experience we miss. You’d be surprised at the things you manage NOT to buy when you don’t have them stuffed in your face every time you try and get your weekly shop! We have definitely been guilty of adding a few more “offers” to our trolley than we strictly needed and picking up the odd item of children’s clothing just because we happened to see it while buying the vegetables. The only time we really got a bit stuck without a supermarket was when we were shopping for the kids’ birthday parties – it definitely takes a lot longer to pick up sweets, baking ingredients, party favours, cards, wrapping paper, paper plates etc from several different shops. But then, the parties ended up being quite a bit more imaginative as a result of some lateral thinking!

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