Tuesday, 11 August 2009


It is, of course, no surprise that we now have too much veg. We are absolutely coming down with beetroot, French beans and tatties. Not to mention the cabbages and the squashes (which are growing like triffids!). Fortunately we have some very grateful friends and neighbours who are only too willing to take excess veg off our hands. We recently sent a whole sack of potatoes off to Scotland with our returning relatives. We have given potatoes to all our neighbours and have something of a barter situation going on with apples from a nearby garden. Some kind souls have even offered to buy veg from us and I have to admit that it is quite satisfying being able to put together a whole variety of home grown vegetables in one box.

We are getting quite used to the art of blanching and freezing. Here is just one freezer drawer full of frozen veg.

It is a little of our supply of beans and beetroot. We are not entirely convinced that beetroot will freeze well – though all the experts say it is fine. So we have tried various techniques – boiling and dicing and baking and quartering etc – to increase chances of success. We are still eating tons of beetroot grated raw in salads - and we’ve even tried the chocolate and beetroot muffins. We are less concerned about the frozen French beans – which look fresh and green and ready to eat. Very much looking forward to eating through that supply over the winter months.

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