Friday, 18 December 2009


We have had a real downfall of snow here. Great fun for the children – snowball fights on the way to school, hoorah! But not so much fun for the sheep - but then I guess they are welsh mountain sheep after all, so for all we know they are loving it! Obviously they can’t get at the grass when it is snowing and their water freezes over. So we were out in full 4X4 mode skating over icy country roads on a mission of mercy this morning. Judging by the loud bleating that greeted our arrival, the flock was pretty keen to see us (or, more likely, their food). We gave extra rations of sheep mix and put down a bale of hay in each field. They dived into the hay and there is definitely enough there to keep them going for a while (or until tomorrow!). Their trough was totally iced over, so we broke the ice up and put in some extra water.

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