Monday, 1 February 2010

The Tiny Farm is growing a bit...

On Sunday we all went to have a walk around our new piece of land.
It extends right to the back of the far trees in that picture. So the Tiny Farm is now a whopping 15 acres...still very small I know, but it feels huge to us!

We wanted to have a bit more space as we have 3 Hereford calves and 2 Highland calves arriving in a few months - how exciting. We’d like to breed a few and rear some for beef. The new acreage will also allow us to move the sheep on to better grazing and as an added bonus having sheep and cattle on the same land reduces the amount of worming treatment needed.

Before all that happens we had the exciting task of exploration!

The fields will be lovely in the summer – some beautiful old trees and a lovely little bit of woodland. We spotted a muntjac and a pheasant. The children soon found an exciting stream to try and cross and some fabulous potential dens. I think we could all have some great fun here – and I’m sure the cattle will love it too!

I know it's still the middle of winter and freezing cold, but with the days just getting slightly longer I just can't help but feel that spring will soon be on the way and then we'll be dealing with lambing and getting to know our new cattle - brilliant! But I guess that there's quite a bit of work to do before then.

Tiny Farmer out.


  1. Lovely bit of land! Lovely farm too!
    I spent lots of time on my uncles farm when I was growing up and I loved every minute of it.
    All the very best to you.

  2. Thanks Jan - we're looking forward to spring and seeing it develop.