Monday, 15 March 2010


Meet our British Lop – it’s one of five little piglets in our pigsharing scheme.

Here they all are:

There is the British Lop (with the big ears), a Tamworth (the reddish one), a British white and a Gloucester Old Spot cross.
They are happily living in an orchard just a few hundred yards from the sheep field. They are being fed on a rotation scheme by the members of the pig share and at the end of 4 months the pork will be divided up between us.

There was a bit of manual labour involved on Saturday – here’s the Tiny Farmer helping to move the pig ark.

And the children came up for a good look at the new arrivals.

They really are very entertaining to watch. They run around and play together and also enjoy playing football! They’re very inquisitive – after only a few minutes they were coming very close to us and giving us a good sniff. They are already digging up the ground beautifully too. It is incredible how efficiently they turn over the soil. No need to rotovate with a pig in the garden.

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