Sunday, 15 March 2009

Work begins...

Would you believe that work has finally begun on the field - hooray!

We had a very busy weekend and are now up to date with the planting schedule.

Planting this weekend consisted of:

5 rows of early potatoes
1 row of broad beans
1 Gooseberry bush
1 red currant bush
1 white currant bush
16 raspberry canes
3/4 acre wheat (75kgs wheat seed)

We started off drilling the wheat into the ground with the seed planter, but after 3 hours had only covered a about a tenth of what we needed to do. As this is an experiment we decided to broadcast the wheat seed over the rest of the area by hand. Although this was still a very hard task it meant that we did cover the area. We'll have to wait and see what happens now...

There is no water available on the field so we have rigged up a 115 litre water butt on the trailer which means that we have some water available for use.

Pictures above are:
1. The trailer ready to go.
2. Broadcasting seed by hand
3. Potatoes
4. The berry bushes

Right, off to have well earned glass or two of nice chilled white wine...

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