Monday, 30 November 2009

Catch up

The lack of a blog entry for a few days is in no way an indicator of lack of goings on at Tiny Farmer. Sadly we haven’t really had the energy to write too much given that the whole family has been smitten with flu. Fortunately we are all on the mend now, but it certainly gave our energy levels a bit of a knock and it was a shock to be so knocked out that we couldn’t even make it out of bed. So many thanks to all the friends and neighbours who were so fantastically helpful in our moment of need (especially liked the homemade soup!).

There has been no lack of incident during the week. We have, sadly, suffered another bit of rural vandalism. On visiting our rented barn the other day we were shocked to discover that it had been broken into and several items stolen – including our rotovator and chainsaw. They tried to take the trailer too but fortunately the lock proved effective. It was one of a number of burglaries in the area that night. Police forensics came out and did their bit – but unfortunately didn’t manage to get any decent prints. Case closed.

It is suddenly feeling very wintery too – that north wind is really cutting. The sheep are needing a bit of hay to supplement their grass (which is looking lack luster). Now that energy levels are restored we'll move them onto some different fields and grass will be plentiful again.
The chickens are in trouble too. After a week or so of free range chaos our garden looks like a disaster zone and every spring blub has been dug up. Worse, they decided to stretch their wings and fly into the neighbouring gardens and try to colonize them too. Oh dear. Plan B coming into force very soon.

Tiny Farmer out.

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