Monday, 9 November 2009

Mr Ram arrives

Hooray - we now have a ram in the flock!

What an exciting time for the sheep flock, the past few days have been a hive of activity. We separated the lambs from the ewes, put the lambs in a different field and then introduced the ram to the ewes. We know that he has been a very busy as we fitted a harness to him that held a red crayon - this then leaves a red mark on the ewe. A good number of the ewes are already marked red which is promising. We'll change the colour of the wax crayon in 3 weeks time and will then be able to see which ewes have taken.

The lambs seem happy enough in their new field. We put up a rubbing post for them (identical to the one in their first field) and they seem to be enjoying it. I'm sure they are getting up to all sorts of mischief now that they are away from the older more sensible ewes and it is also clear that a new pecking order has been established.

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