Monday, 26 April 2010


Yes, on their very first day in their new home our chickens all produced eggs. We were expecting to have to wait some time for them to settle in before they started laying. But there were four eggs on day one and there have been four eggs every day since. We hope that indicates it was a relatively stress-free move and that they are happy in their new home.

The eggs are not quite the colours we had anticipated. Although the Leghorn and Maran Coucou gave us a white and dark brown egg - The Heritage Skylines did not lay the blue eggs we were hoping for. Ours are laying beautiful lightly tinted green eggs instead! Although 75% of Skylines produce blue eggs, some lay green, cream, white or peach coloured eggs. The green eggs are very pretty: just a pale hint of colour – like some tasteful Farrow and Ball heritage paint - which turns a common or garden egg into something very special indeed.

Our four year old is now the official egg collector and runs to the coop every day after school to check who has laid what. So far we have had scrambled eggs and fried eggs and will be testing their baking qualities later today. So far, so delicious.

The only quibble about these lovely hens is that they seem a little fussy about food. Our previous chicks ate all sorts of kitchen leftovers and were particularly partial to pasta and peas. However, De Cluk and Co have turned their beaks up at every delicious morsel we have offered them. If it is not corn, they will not eat it! Ho hum...back to the recycling bins.

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