Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Slow lambing & cows...

Well after the burst of excitement last Wednesday we've had to wait a whole week for more lambs to be born, we had another set of twins arrive this morning and I'm sure the next few days will see plenty more arrive. Although the break in lambing has been somewhat frustrating it has given us time to watch the lambs develop in their first few days and it's also given us time to get the new cattle settled in.

The lambs seem to know that they should stay well away from the rest of the flock at feeding time. Sometimes they stand on the edge of the feeding area

and other times they curl up in a corner somewhere.

We've had to put two ear tags on each lamb, one is electronic and one just has the number on. The tags are almost the same size as their poor little ears and it feels quite mean to be adding so much weight to their ears, but I guess we have to make sure we follow the rules.

Now, on to some other new arrivals, the cows. We have 6 Highlands, 2 Sussex and 1 Hereford. They seemed to be delighted with their new environment and went charging about on their first day out. They have settled in very nicely and each day are coming a little closer as they get used to us.

Well, best be going to check if any more lambs have arrived.

Tiny Farmer out.

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