Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Good Shepherd

Look at this

a mother and her lamb enjoying the long grass in the new field. But for about an hour before it wasn't quite like that...we had all the sheep and lambs on one side of the fence and one lost soul on the other! We were up feeding the sheep and noticed that one ram lamb was not with the rest of the flock. It was right at the far end of the field - on the wrong side of the electric fence. The lamb's mother did not seem to have noticed her charge was missing but when we went to investigate she came along too and started baa-ing to her lost lamb. The lamb was not tempted back by it's mother's cries or by the temptation of food - it was clearly very excited at the hawthorn leaves it was nibbling. It took quite some time to encourage the errant youngster back into the field. As he was running further away whenever we approached, we were concerned that he was going to end up on the race training track in the adjoining our field. Fortunately, when we turned the electric fence off, we were able to shoo the lamb towards the flock and he made a daring break through the gap we opened up in the fence. Mum and son re-united and the lost sheep back in the fold. Phew!

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