Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Back to the valleys

t was a sad day on the Tiny Farm. We have just waved goodbye to our whole flock of Black Welsh Mountain Sheep.

They were sold to a fellow member of the BWM Sheep Society and are even now enjoying the lush grass in their new mountain home in South Wales.

Let me explain how that came about... Here in the East of England we have had very unusual weather. A long winter delayed our spring weather and this was followed by a prolonged period of very hot weather. That was very pleasant for most of us but not great for the sheep - as the grass simply did not get a chance to grow. We had to move our sheep to the hay field - so they munched through our hay crop before it had been harvested! We were not the only farmers in this position and many people in the area were forced to start giving their animals supplementary feed which they would usually not give until the winter months. The result was that the cost of keeping our sheep was going to be absolutely prohibitive and we took the difficult decision to put them up for sale. This coincided with much hoo-hah in the media about a "national hay shortage" and many reports of sky rocketing hay prices - and we were certainly not the only ones selling their stock.

The sheep were transported by a lovely lady named Lucy - and their new owner reported that they had all arrived safe and sound and in very good health.
We hope they will enjoy their new farm - and make the most of that lush Welsh grass!

Meantime we have our mini herd of cattle to be getting on with and we may well be looking at the sheep sales come next year! Mmm, now I do like the look of those Llleyns...

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