Monday, 13 December 2010

2010 Wrap up

Apologies for not posting often enough, as usual the level of activity on our blog has been in complete contrast to the activity on the farm, it really has been a mad dash to the finish this year. The recent freezing weather certainly added to the mix and we needed to add defrosting water troughs (some days a good few inches thick) and serving up yummy haylage to the daily cattle list - all good fun though and I'm sure the cattle enjoyed the extra attention. The price of hay haylage is incredible this year and I'm sure it will get even more expensive next year. Mind you, the cows certainly enjoyed the tasty haylage and I have to confess that I find the sweet aroma of haylage enchanting, a definite farm smell!

Why so chirpy you might ask if it's been such hard work? Well as of yesterday our cattle are snuggly tucked up in a nice warm barn for winter and that means no more breaking ice in water troughs or worrying about the weather and how to get haylage to them. It means that for a short little while we can actually take stock and enjoy the holiday celebrations - and that is certainly something to look forward to.
At the same time a funny kind of melancholy kicked in about 2 minutes after the cattle had left the fields - the fields seemed empty and appeared to have lost their very life and soul, I guess they have. Luckily it's only for a short roll on 2011!

Here's wishing everybody a very merry Christmas, enjoy the holidays.

Until next year...

Tiny Farmer out

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