Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Meet Gavin

This is Gavin - the latest recruit to our Tiny Farmer project. The munched edges of our courgettes are evidence that we have a bit of a pigeon problem on the field. So we had a craft afternoon with the children and they came up with this scarecrow. He is made from old tights stuffed with newspaper and is sporting the kids old PJs, shoes, scarf and hat. For some reason they decided to call him “Gavin” and soon he will be doing his bit to try and frighten the birds (currently he is sitting on the sofa, giving us a fright every time we enter the living room!). We have also strung up some old CDs in between the fruit bushes and the beans. Hopefully that will annoy the pigeons.

There is non-stop growth on the field at the moment. The potatoes are going mad – which, of course, means more earthing up…no small task with twelve rows of spuds to contend with! We have the backache to prove it.
Also put in a couple of rows of carrots (a lot easier now we have cultivated the soil and are using a seeder) and transplanted the courgette seedlings.

Sadly the raspberry canes do not seem to have taken. Not sure whether they will revive next year or not, but they are looking like dead twigs at the moment. The same cannot be said for the asparagus – which is growing uncontrollably. Is it meant to be that tall?

Will report back on Gavin’s progress…

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