Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Pork is back on the Menu!

Yep, finally we got the pig…or should I say PORK, all beautifully butchered and packed. We went up to Norfolk to collect it– pork roasts, sausages, chops, ribs and all sorts of other cuts that we were slightly less familiar with. Have to say our first pork chops were truly delicious. Unlike pork from the supermarket, the chops are not neatly trimmed, and if you cook them with the fat still on they stay wonderfully moist. We haven’t had chops for five months so it felt like a real treat. Another few weeks and there will be bacon in the menu (hallelujah!).

On the animal husbandry front all is going ahead with preparing the field for the sheep. We have just had the fencing put up and it now seems pretty escape-proof.

Sheep are renowned for their ability to get through gaps and wander off into neighbouring gardens and roads, but we are now happy that they will be secure as possible. Just have to sort out the water supply and shelter now. The sheep certainly won’t be short of food – look at the height of that grass!

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