Thursday, 28 May 2009

One of our chickens is broody. In fact she has been broody for a long time. Way over a month now – despite assurances that it is a 21 day cycle. Nothing will part her from her little clutch of eggs in the nesting box – she has to be physically removed every so often just so we can clean out the coop (and so that she gets some food and water…and we can get to the eggs!). Whenever we move her she squawks and protests until we let her back in the nesting box. We obviously haven’t been moving her quite often enough as today we discovered TWELVE eggs underneath her! No wonder our supplies were running low. Contrary to her macho name (Defender), she is a really motherly bird and we are sorely tempted to put a few fertilized eggs under her just to let her fulfill her maternal instincts. However the thought of producing a baby cockerel soon brings us back to our senses - our suburban neighbours really wouldn’t thank us for that one!
Let's hope she gets over it soon...

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