Thursday, 24 September 2009

New website & wheat update

Well well - Tiny Farmer has a shiny new website at and we are very pleased with the result. Our meat shares have grown quite a bit over the past while and we thought it appropriate to have something decent for people to look at and also help us share our message of welfare friendly meat.

Now on to the all important wheat...

Yes, finally we managed to harvest some of the wheat. Most of the wheat field was actually weeds and grasses interspersed with a few beautiful meadow flowers. However with our trusty sickle we got in a bit of the harvest. Cutting wheat by hand really is back breaking work….and that is just the start of it!
The ears of wheat then had to be separated from the stalks – which took ages and is very rough on the hands. Next the wheat has to be separated from the chaff (by means of pummeling a bag of the stuff on the back patio and throwing it up to let the chaff blow away)
…and that is before we even start to think about grinding the stuff. Phew, this is going to be one labour intensive loaf of bread…

I think we'll have to frame it in a special box as you wouldn't want to eat something that had taken that much time.
I somehow think we might be careful about planting another field of wheat next year, that is unless we can source a mini combine harvester from there's a thought.

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