Monday, 21 September 2009

Tractor time

Hooray - got to play on the tractor last week again as we cut the grass fields in preparation for winter. The fields all look very neat now and hopefully there will be enough grass for the sheep through the winter period, if not we will have to bring in some hay.
Time on the tractor is very enjoyable and it's good to see every bit of the fields up close. Somehow hours just seem to evaporate - it's definitely one of the more fun activities!!!

While we had the tractor we took the opportunity to cut all of the weeds down on the allotment (we'd harvested as much wheat as we could - we'll post about what happened to that later in the week). The allotment looks much tidier and we'll be doing that again in the future. The only crops now left to harvest are potatoes, butternut squash, pumpkins, kale, leeks & beetroot. This will be enough for a few weeks and then we'll have to revert to the trusty market for most of our veg again.

We also took the opportunity to check the sheep's feet and apply the pour-on medication that prevents fly strike. As always the sheep were not that pleased at being caught and will no doubt be grumpy with us for the next few days - nothing that a few molasses flavoured sheep treats can't fix.

This morning we took some hoggets and a ewe that we had sourced from a local farmer to the butcher. The hoggets will be for a meat share and the ewe will be used to make mutton curry, mutton burgers & mutton sausages for a Tiny Farmer bash that we'll be throwing soon.

As you can tell from the above it's been a very busy week, but also a very satisfying one...

Stay tuned to hear what happened to our wheat.

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