Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Tiny Farmer by the Sea

The Tiny Farmers have been on holiday. Of course, going away for a week meant there was no one to look after the sheep or the chickens. However, we managed to get hold of a sheep-sitter (really!) and fortunately have hen-loving neighbours who are only too happy to look after our brood when we are away. The allotment, however, has been left to its own devices and we are dreading going as we may not be able to find our vegetables after 2 weeks of unchecked weed growth!

We are glad to report that we did try and take a bit of the self-sufficient spirit with us on vacation. We all went mackerel fishing one day and managed to catch our supper! Delicious!

On an entirely different note we tried one of the hams that we have been preparing. This one was salted for 4 weeks and then air dried for 3 months. We were absolutely amazed that it tasted anything like ham - we were all very sceptical especially seeing as the ham was air dried over the summer months.Very happy to report that it was very very tasty indeed and we will certainly be doing a lot more of that.

Right...off to go and deal with those weeds at the allotment.

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