Friday, 9 October 2009


OK we'll admit it, we're not great fans of marrows - well not enough to want to eat them at every meal for the next 2 months, which is what we'd have to do to get through the amount we have.
We planted quite a few courgette plants on the allotment and have eaten quite a few courgettes from them - but then almost overnight the rest of the crop turned into an army of monster marrows. We have enjoyed having them on display with our pumpkins and squashes and have tried all sorts of different recipes but sadly there is not a lot of enthusiasm in this family when it comes to eating the things.
However, we hate to see vegetables go to waste so having given away as much as possible to every marrow-eating friend and neighbour we could think of, we finally decided to set up a free marrow stall outside our house. To be honest, we weren’t holding our breath that any of them would disappear – even if we were literally giving them away. But, amazingly, after only a couple of hours our large pile of gargantuan courgettes had vanished.
With Macmillan Coffee morning coming up we decided to repeat the exercise, only this time we left a "charity box" out for people who wanted to give a donation to Macmillan - so win win all round - we no longer have a glut of marrows, money has been raised for Macmillan and people will be enjoying the marrows.
So a big thanks to all the marrow loving passerby's and thanks to all who donated.
Enjoy the marrows!

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