Monday, 19 October 2009

One big happy family

Happy to report that all the ewes are now one big happy flock. They seem to have sorted out who the leaders should be and the older and more dominant ewes seem to have it all under control.

Treat time is now quite comical as we have 27 ewes thundering towards us with much baa'ing. We have two feeding troughs so that the lamb ewes and smaller ewes don't get muscled out by the bigger ones. I guess we'll be getting through quite a bit more sheep mix now than when there were only 7 - time to start buying in bulk!

We trimmed the whole flock’s feet on Friday and gave them all a worm treatment. This was a good opportunity to look at the new arrivals closely, which was just as well as some of their feet needed quite a bit of attention and care. We will watch this closely over the next few months and make sure that they get sorted. I could tell that we'd handled 27 sheep rather that 7 by the state of my hamstring muscles on Saturday…well I guess it beats paying gym fees eh?

The next big job is to get the fencing sorted before the arrival of the ram and some more lambs in a few weeks. With the flock a bit bigger now we also need to get a better water system as we won't want to be taking water to the whole flock on a daily basis. Right, thinking cap on then!

Tiny Farmer out

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