Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Look ewe's arrived...

Well, we did it...we drove all the way to Wiltshire and came back with another 20 sheep! If you were travelling on the M25 or M3 and were held up by the trailer full of sheep please accept my apologies.

The Tiny Farmer flock sure has grown and the "baa" chorus that greets us at feeding time is now quite loud. The new members to the flock are a mixture of lambs, 2 year old ewes and a few 3 and 4 year olds, hopefully this will instill a certain amount of sense come lambing season next year.

The original 7 ewes are now separated from the new arrivals by electric fence for the moment. This will hopefully give the new lot a chance to settle in and also allow the whole group to become familiar before being combined into one flock.

Friday is a big sheep day as we'll be trimming feet on the whole flock and giving them all a worming treatment - dealing with 27 will be a big step up from 7. I expect that Friday will be an early night after rugby tackling so many sheep in one day.
The next big day in the sheep calendar is November 1st when the ram arrives, accompanied by another 8 lambs. That will take the Tiny Farmer flock up to maximum capacity, for now anyway...

Tiny Farmer out

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