Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Henny Penny's huge egg

The chickens’ eggs are gradually getting bigger. When they first started laying the eggs were a bit on the titchy side but now are approaching average egg dimensions. However, we really weren’t prepared for Henny Penny’s super large egg. As you can see, the usual egg size on the left is dwarfed by that huge white egg on the right. No wonder there was a lot of clucking coming from the nesting box that morning – ouch! We haven’t eaten the egg yet so are just assuming it is a double yoker – or maybe a gift from a passing ostrich.

Tomorrow is a big day for the sheep as the grass in their field is being cut down to a sensible height. I'm sure they'll enjoy not being lost in the grass. I, of course, will enjoy playing with the small tractor...

Tiny Farmer out

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