Sunday, 1 February 2009

Hooray - we have a field!

Well the day finally arrived and we now have possession of our field. We were delighted to get down and see it.

All freshly ploughed up it looked even bigger than before. The furrows are huge and when the kids stand in them it's knee height. I suspect that it is going to be a big old job for the rotovator and I'll certainly look into hiring a tractor for the big bits.
The plan is still very much to plant at least half with a crop of spring wheat and grow vegetables and soft fruit on the rest.
Looking back at our vegetable seed order I think we were quite light on most things and will more than likely double up on what we got before.

Other exciting activities this weekend were making another batch of pork sausages, 130 chipolatas to be precise. I learned a very very valuable lesson, namely that although chipolatas are smaller, they are much much harder and take far more effort to get turn through the sausage machine. After the first 15 minutes we all started laughing as we realised just how long it was going to take to process. Not sure that the same amount of humour was left by the time that we were finished and I think my right arm is about twice the size of my left now. We would have changed to normal sausages but sadly I did not have the correct size casings. Luckily (and boy do I really mean that!) we ran out of small casings just as we finished the pork sausages so were unable to make any venison sausages, and in any event we did not have the right seasoning. I have already placed an order for the bigger casings and game seasoning, let's hope the delivery is on time as our aim is to get venison sausages out before the end of the week.

We also sorted out the last bits we need for the chickens, chicken wire for a run, pellets, treats, cleaning materials and feeders.

All in all another fun tiny farmer weekend.

Right, definitely time to focus on what to do with that field!

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