Sunday, 8 February 2009

How much compost?

Good progress today - managed to get the 4 raised beds finished and also got the chicken run sorted.

Could not believe how insignificant 25 bags of compost seemed once it had all been emptied out in to the raised beds - think that we will need at least another 16 bags (4 per raised bed). Let's just hope that they still have that special on at the garden centre.

Children are delighted that the chicken run is ready as we are now all set to collect the chickens in half term week commencing 16th Feb.

The week ahead should be quite eventful, deer stalking on Wednesday (probably for something smaller like a muntjac this time) and staking the field out with the agent (should have been done last week but impossible because of the snow).

I still get this uneasy feeling that we are enjoying the quiet before the storm.

Talk soon...

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