Thursday, 12 February 2009

Not that easy..

Yesterday's deer stalking session proved again that getting some venison in the freezer is never guaranteed when it comes to wild animals. It's definitely not as certain as going into the supermarket to get a pack of ready cut meat - but it is so much more satisfying & yesterday I was simply beat by nature.

Managed to see 3 muntjac & 4 roe deer on the day out, but the shot was never certain and so it wasn't taken.

One of the better developments recently has been making our own breakfast cereal. Some of the family (especially me) don't like bread or toast for breakfast. We've now come up with a pretty tasty mixture made up of toasted oats, honey, nuts, berries & coconuts. Result!

The recent bad weather keeps us from doing anything at the field so we've been concentrating on the raised beds at the back of the garden.
Everyone is extremely excited about next week when the chickens arrive and I think we are just about ready.

All of the raspberry, red currant, white currant, gooseberry & tayberry bushes arrived today. For the moment we've heeled them in to the raised beds and as soon as we can we'll get them to the field.

So the journey continues...

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