Sunday, 22 February 2009


Well the chickens seem to have a mind of their own and escape out of the chicken run at their own will. At least they don't go far - they just peck around the outside of the run and seem to relish in the strokes and attention they get when they are put back in.
The biggest problem is going to be once we have seeds in the raised beds as the chickens will have their own gourmet selection of food - must find a solution before then!

Went down to the field and marked everything out so that we know exactly how big the beds will be - AND THEY ARE HUGE!!! Weren't able to rotavate with the compact tractor this weekend as the field still needs to be re-ploughed. Hopefully we'll be able to get on to the rotavating next weekend.

Had a good day yesterday - the elusive muntjac is finally in the freezer (apart from the sirloin cut that we enjoyed for dinner tonight). Managed to get one yesterday and butchered it this morning - far easier and less frought that the huge red deer. Result! Current plan is to make some Muntjac sausages and burgers in the coming week. to solve the houdini chicken puzzle...

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