Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Progress despite the snow

Well despite the snow it's been a very good week. Not that we've ventured out much in it, but the good delivery companies have been dropping of loads of things that we ordered.

Tuesday 3rd Feb - delivery of raised beds (finally!), delivery of chicken feed and delivery of sausage making ingredients. Tuesday evening we doubled our seed order to ensure that we have enough to cover the field.

Wednesday 4th Feb our fist seed order arrived.

Friday 6th Feb we got round to making the venison sausages (and they were quite tasty if I may say so)

AND THEN TODAY, Saturday, we started getting the raised beds in the garden ready. Managed to get about halfway (absolutely freezing!) and should finish them off tomorrow.

The other exciting bit of news is that I found a supplier to rent a compact tractor from and have booked it + the rotavator attachment for 2 weeks time.

Will let you know how tomorrow goes..

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