Thursday, 15 January 2009

First bags of flour!

Well, this is turning out to be quite an exciting week...

13th Jan a bunch of sample flour bags arrived and we got to test them to destruction. We figured that if we are going to be storing our flour we may as well make sure that it's not going to end up all over the place. We tested 4 different bags - what fun it was, made our choice and ordered 100 bags that we liked online that evening.

Today, 15th Jan, a parcel arrived containing the butchering equipment that we ordered earlier in the week. Have decided to just put that box to one side until Saturday morning for now. We have found an instructional video on Youtube (technology is wonderfule eh!) that gives some very useful tips on butchering a deer carcass. Sounds like Saturday is going to be a day filled with many steep learning curves - must say that we are all a bit apprehensive!
As an added treat the flour bags today arrived today meaning that this evenings fun has been milling our first batch of flour. This was the one piece of equipment that we decided needed to be electric and it looks like that was the right decision. This wonderful machine processed 6kg flour in less that 30 mins - result! Once again the whole family got involved and the children were fascinated to see wheat turned in to finely processed wholemeal flour. Can't wait to taste our first loaf of bread tomorrow morning made from the flour we all made.

Our next priority has to be selecting various types of seed and crop that we will be sowing in the coming weeks and months.

Talk very soon...

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