Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Yikes - how did that happen?

Today we ordered a chicken run - how on earth did that happen!

The day started with me to talking to a work colleauge and telling him what we were up to. He mentioned that they had just purchased a chicken run at a very reasonable price and gave me the suppliers details. We were only planning on introducing chickens in to the equation around March, hoping that it would good to have a source of eggs from our garden.
Looking at the chicken run and price it just seemed like too good a chance to miss.

We plan on getting 4 chickens, 1 Blubelle, 1 Speckeldy, 1 Goldline and 1 Sussex.

Luckily there is still some time as it will take a week or so for the chicken run to arrive, then we'll build it and make sure it's nice and secure and in a good spot for the chickens, and only then will we get the chickens.

The children are very excited about having chickens...and so are we!

Till later...

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  1. Excellent website! What make is your chicken run?