Monday, 19 January 2009


First and foremost a report back on the taste of the venison - FANTASTIC! We had our first taste of venison this evening in a delicious venison stew, and it was superb. Despite the nervous start to the meal everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and the kids want to have it for dinner again tomorrow - result!

We are making progress with our seed selection and have just placed the following order:

Early potatoes - 4kgs Foremost
2nd early Potatoes - 4kgs Kestrel
Main crop poatotes - 4kgs Rooster

We already have 2kg of Charlotte potatoes chitting

Autumn bliss raspberries - 3 canes

Broad beans - suttons 2 packs

Pikant shallots - 2 packs

Green globe artichokes - 1 pack

Early Nantes 2 - a XL pack
Nandor - 1 XL pack

Granada celery - 2 packs

Musselburgh - 1 pack
Apollo 1 pack

Cobham Marrow parsnips - 2 packs

Atlantic turnips - 1 pack

Solent Wight garlic - 2 bulbs

No doubt that should keep us busy once it arrives.

Stay tuned...

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