Thursday, 29 January 2009

Seed Potatoes arrive

Today is one of those days that feels like the quiet before the storm.

Good news is that the seed potatoes arrived today - hooray! The other great bit of news is that the raised beds were despatched from the factory today. Of course this does mean that the next few days will be filled with a flurry of activity. Activities over the next few days will be:

- Build the chicken run.
- Build the raised beds (subject to delivery, of course)
- Fill raised beds with cardboard (that we've been collecting with all our deliveries) and compost.
- Buy in some more compost and bark chips. The bark chips will be used for the area in between the raised beds.
- SUNDAY 1st FEBRUARY TAKE POSESSION OF OUR PIECE OF LAND - yikes - quietly nervous about this one.

What can I say... watch this space.

ps. We are still enjoying our produce and stores of meat. I can't quite believe that neither of us have set foot in a supermarket since the 31st December, it really is amazing how quickly you get used to things. On the menu for the weekend is sausage, pheasant, chicken and veggies from the market - not bad at all!

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