Saturday, 17 January 2009

What would we do without Internet?

Well the big butchering day arrived and at at 9am Saturday 17th Jan started skinning the deer carcass, wasn't quite sure how it was ever going to get done as it seemed like a monumental task. Once the carcass had been skinned I tuned in to the instructional video I found on Youtube and started butchering. Must say that once I started all apprehension was gone and it was a case of just getting on with job. 5 and a half hours later the freezer is stocked with every conceivable cut of venison; large roasts, small roasts, large steaks, small steaks, cubed meat for casseroles and stews and cubed meat that we'll use to make mince and sausages. The amount of meat from a 115lbs deer is quite simply incredible.
Really looking forward to our first venison dinner on Monday night!
The internet is such an incredible tool, we were just saying earlier today how it's so ingrained in every day life and the vasts tracts of information out there is truly staggering. Today would have been so much harder without it - so a big thank you to the internet and Youtube!

Right, now we really do have to get on with seed selection for crops. Time is marching on and soon we'll be having to plant all sorts of things. But first a very well earned glass of red wine, Cheers!

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