Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Defender’s Back!

Great news – Defender’s back! To our amazement she came out of the nesting box of her own volition for the first time in what seems like months (but is probably more like six weeks). Even better news is that we had four eggs today – that means that all the girls are laying again and Defender must have recovered from her bout of broodiness. Phew! Let’s hope she doesn’t pass the baby blues on to anyone else!

The rest of the livestock are looking pretty healthy too. We spent last Friday worming the sheep and trimming their feet. Quite a physical job and they weren’t too keen on the manicure, but once we got them rolled over and sitting back on their haunches they submitted to the inevitable quite meekly. Not sure it will be quite such an easy job in the winter when we’re all mired in mud!

Things are looking good on the field too (the weeds are especially healthy). We have been enjoying the lovely new potatoes and given the masses of maincrops and lates yet to come, it looks like we’ll be self sufficient in spuds for the rest of the year…and possibly 2010…we’re talking lots of tatties….

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