Friday, 12 June 2009

Our First Self Sufficient meal

Here it is…our first home grown meal. The mangetouts from the garden, potatoes from the allotment and pork from our friend’s pig. It was a great meal and somehow tasted even better, knowing that none of it had ever been part of a supermarket supply chain! We are hoping for many more meals like this now that the vegetables are coming on so well.
As you can see the mangetouts are doing really well….the only problem is that the children have discovered them, so I can’t imagine many will actually make it as far as the kitchen table. All the early spuds in the garden are in flower now, so we’ll start digging them up in a couple of weeks. The carrots and beetroot are looking very healthy too but still a little bit too small yet. We have a glut of onions and shallots, so I imagine we’ll soon be trying to dry them and weave them into big bunches… (then get a beret and a bike and French accent and we’re in business!)

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