Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Happy Faaather’s Day

Bit worried when we went to check the sheep the other night and discovered one of them was limping. The next day she looked even worse so we decided to have a look and see what the trouble was. Easier said than done, of course. It is a two man job to round the flock up and get them penned in and then shepherd them into the ark and try and find the right one without losing all the rest (if only we’d trained our dog about seven years ago!).

Anyway after catching no 560 and giving her a good checkup we were relieved it was nothing to do with the foot trimming exercise last week. We sprayed a little antiseptic on, just in case. She seemed to be very distressed when we touched her leg. There was no obvious damage but she may well have knocked it against something and got a bit of a bruise. The happy conclusion to the story is that she was up and about and ready for action within a day or two. No 560 was so grateful she even sent a “Happy Faaathers Day” card!

The crops are looking good too. Look at this…

Yes it’s wheat! Can you believe it? After half sowing, half throwing all that seed around all those months ago we really didn’t expect to see anything much come up. But amazingly it has made its way through the weeds and poppies and will soon be turning golden in the summer sun (we hope). Then we can run carelessly through it like something out of a 1970s Flake advert or – on a more practical level – harvest it with a sickle and make some flour. Wow! It’s thrilling!

PS – Defender clearly didn’t like the look of the chicken run and has gone back to her clutch of (fake) eggs. Oh dear.

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