Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Have You Any Wool?

Well, yes…seven bags full actually.

There’s quite a bit of wool on a Welsh Mountain sheep and they must’ve been feeling pretty hot as the temperature soared to 24degrees yesterday. So it was great to get the shearer in last night to give the girls a haircut for the summer.

Sheep shearing is a highly skilled job – a large part of the skill is being able to keep strong wriggly animals still for long enough to shear them without giving them a nick with the shears. Our sheep are even more difficult because they are black and this makes it very difficult to see the skin from the wool. The shearer did a fantastic job and I think you will agree that they look quite different with their new short hair.

In fact, they look so different they often cannot recognize each other for a while and this resulted in two of them having a bit of a butting session till they sorted out who was who!

Shearing seven black sheep in the corner of a field is not a very common sight these days – so it was not surpising that several passing cars stopped to have a look and were every bit as entranced as we were.

The only question now is – what to do with all that wool?

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