Friday, 5 June 2009

Grass cuttings...

Yesterday we got to play with a tractor and topper and cut the grass on the 5 acres of sheep fields. Driving the tractor was an enormous amount of fun and I am already looking forward to the second cutting later in the year.

Having said it was fun, it was also really hard work - didn't even stop for a lunch break and ate my sandwich on the move.
Despite the fields looking relatively smooth, they are actually quite bumpy when you drive over them (even in a tractor with a suspension seat!).
It was a good chance to get to see every single inch of the fields up close. I think they will benefit from some scarifying next spring - more tractor driving - what a shame...
The sheep seemed very happy with the result and I'm sure that they will enjoy the results of the labour. You can see them in the distance investigating the first strip of cut grass, they really are a curious bunch.

This weekends task will be to erect a rubbing post for them made from 2 round fence posts. I think they will enjoy it - and it's also a better option than them using the Land Rovers bumpers and doors, which they were doing yesterday.

The next week or two will be quite focused on the sheep; they are being wormed next Friday and will also need to be sheared in the next 2 weeks at the latest. Let's hope those sheep hurdles that I ordered arrive soon, otherwise I can imagine that hours will be spent trying to herd the sheep.
Might be time to ask our mad Springer Spaniel to to try and double up as a sheep dog...on second thoughts, and knowing our dog...that would probably just add to the chaos.

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